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The build might dissapoint you a bit towards the end of normal, especially Typhon and act4, but you could respec to Ternion until you hit саммонер в титан квест. Oh nice, if found that the lich king looks pretty bad ass, but the dweller from the earth tree looks cool too, remind me саммонер в титан квест bit of the golem of diablo 2: Yea a bow char could be quite nice.

I wanted to post my build which I have made with the skill calculator stonedonkey. Mabye I took too many skills: It works for me. I copied the link in the return link box manually and pasted it here.

саммонер в титан квест

You need to copy the link at саммонер в титан квест bottom left where it says "Return Link". Another couple of build саммонер в титан квест - Diviner and Bone Charmer, both of which feature Spirit. Irma2 has also done a main class compendium which gives build ideas via TitanCalc for all classes. Perfect, now the link works: I have made a build for my summoner саммонер в титан квест This build from Poinas looks very interesting too.

I am using the fanpatch 1. This helps you heal by turning you into a rock basically while your health regens so enemies waste their time trying to hit you. But you could try casting Plague, then Stone Form and see how it works for you. I usually finish a straight run through, exploring all the areas on all difficulties, but not farming around L Something like this maybe: It continues the work of the fanpatch as there are still errors which need to be corrected.

You can find it here: I did that the other day and messed up the character screen of the game. Yea, from what I have read in other forums the nymph is kind of weak in comparison to the other pets.

Too bad, so I will have 1 pet less. So I will have 3 wolves and 1 dweller only. The stone form seems to be a good defense skill, but like you I am not a big fan of beeing stuck and doing nothing.

саммонер в титан квест

Plus for example if you are a rock and turn into you normal shape again, you will be surrounded by a lot of enemies.

I wanted to саммонер в титан квест a playthrough on all difficulties, maxing my character to level 75 and farming for all the items in the game: Yea the beginning will probably be hard for a summoner. I only have the first fanpatch 1. Just set them to aggressive and watch them go to work. Because once wolves are maxed at 16 if you can find a Mastery shrine this boosts all your skills and more importantly will allow саммонер в титан квест to call up a 3rd wolf giving them a major boost in damage.

But then again, you can just re-summon her. I will farm a lot I love farming for items and hoarding them: Not playing every day of course And keep in mind that leveling from takes the same time as D Have fun, and good luck!

Yes, the Collector is great. When you first start the collection totals soar quite саммонер в титан квест, but once you find most of the uniques, etc, then things really slow down. Okay at will put some points in her, but not more than a few: Hm since we can respec I think I will try rock and briar skill and I will take the саммонер в титан квест that works the best for me.

And keep in mind that leveling from саммонер в титан квест the same time as I am playing my character since last week and I am only level 8 lol. Those are some good hints thx you. Ah yes, one question about the attributes points. I have read that INT and DEX should be enough for the requirement for all the items of my summoner, is that right? And in strength I put nothing? But if you plan to do things like cast Plague and have enemies come at you, then piling on the dex is a must for survivability as Poinas says in his guide.

On the jewellery you can also find these with either Dex or DA as suffixes which will help boost survivability too. Yes, there are pet boosting items as well as the plus skills ones.

саммонер в титан квест

Try and get a full set 2 rings, necklace and staff for the best results. Are you using a Win7 machine? If so, the path needs to go to ProgramFiles x86 and not the usual ProgramFiles part of your system. Did you also саммонер в титан квест the two files with the ones mentioned on саммонер в титан квест first page of the TQCollector thread?

Titan Quest has some wierd early game, if you go mage you progress super fast, but if you go melee the first 15 levels or so are a pain.

саммонер в титан квест

But if you go Warfare, Defense, Rogue, Spirit the game goes so slow that I end up ragequitting after саммонер в титан квест a hour. It depends on how you play your Summoner. I wanted to stay back with my summon char and casting plague in the background: So I need to stack a lot of dex when I want to play with plague?

Is not possible to hide you behind your pets and casting plague from behind without getting hit too much by enemies? I took plague in my build, because I thought that would be necessary for a good damage for a summoner.

Is it possible to play without it? Just to play with summons without any other cast skills? Thanks for the items suggestion, I will keep an eye out for it.

Damn I am stupid, I forgot to take the right path x D I саммонер в титан квест have ragequit the game lol Edit: Often though early game pets take care of everything before you can even cast it. And collecting items with DA or dex that you can equip if needed.

Titan Quest Immortal Throne - Summoner

Plague is an aggro magnet. A Benny Hill problem. Just try to have at least DA when you enter legendary. If you go melee, stand right next to your wolves and Corey, give them Brimstone from Earth Enchantment, Strength of the Pack, soften things with Plague and Stone Form when things get ugly.

Stone Form and Ring саммонер в титан квест Fire are also good safety measures in that case. And trust me Plague will get their attention.: