Калькулятор поинт бланк

калькулятор поинт бланк

PointBlank is one of the most popular ballistics program on the internet. Completely redesigned in version 2.

калькулятор поинт бланк

An exciting feature is the ability to download the latest version and datafiles automatically! Simply running the PBPatcher. PointBlank was completely rewritten from the ground up to offer a much more flexible and easy to use interface. It is now resizable, and data is organized калькулятор поинт бланк via tabs to allow easier navigation.

Target калькулятор поинт бланк is parented under a specific load. Loads are parented under a specific firearm, firarm under caliber etc etc.

Point Blank - Advanced KD-HS Calculator [The Zetsumei]

This makes for much cleaner organization of reloading notes and other information. One of the most requested features is now included! You can toggle between SAE and Metric units калькулятор поинт бланк any time, on the fly.

Version 2 now offers a much easier to use comparison chart between different loads.

калькулятор поинт бланк

More options when preforming calculations: There are more options available калькулятор поинт бланк when preforming калькулятор поинт бланк and viewing data. Max range, range increments etc have been extended per user requests.

Included with PointBlank are current data files that contain data for virtually all of the most commonly used components. Still there are times when users have their own custom components. Users are also welcome to submit additional data and it will get added to the primary data source files that then get redistributed to all other uses the next time they run their patcher utility.

Printing in prior versions always had issues.

калькулятор поинт бланк

With the new version, printing is easy and informative. Installation Instructions Калькулятор поинт бланк doesnt require installation. Simply create a folder where you want PointBlank to exist in then download the patcher from the following link, saving it in the folder you previously created: The first time the patcher is run, all required files will be downloaded and may take some time depending on internet connection speeds.

Running the patcher after the initial first run, will be much faster the калькулятор поинт бланк of the files should not need to be updated. When the patcher update process has completed, you can choose to Launch PointBlank from the patcher. If you do not have an internet connection on a computer you wish to run PointBlank on, you can калькулятор поинт бланк download all the files in a single zip file and extract on the destination machine: All PointBlank files, single zip file Help Support PointBlank PointBlank has been and always will remain free, however there are increased bandwidth costs associated with the new version.

Several users have offered to help support with minor donations to help with website and other costs.