Dear masha my first days at school were awful

Nepal Friday, January 09, Mountain flight over Everest this morning Hi again, This post covers Thursday and Friday 8th and 9th January, the 13th and 14th day of our fascinating tour. Yesterday we had a luxury late wake up at the Radisson hotel in Varanasi. You could tell it was a Radisson but truth to tell it was a bit run dear masha my first days at school were awful with rather old upholstery.

We had a good hearty breakfast to last the day. On this trip we usually have a good breakfast and good dinner but more or less skip lunch or just have some fruit so as not to lose time during the day or eat too much.

We travel such a lot by car that we are not exercising enough and are missing our one hour daily walk back dear masha my first days at school were awful. We were leaving for the final part of our trip, 3 nights in the remote and exotic country of Nepal, the roof of the world and the home of the highest mountain in the world, Mt. We were picked up by Santosh our driver. I had a good long talk to him as I guessed he needed some mothering and I am always game for talking to the locals and finding out more about the country.

Santosh who is a delightful, well mannered and well groomed young man has a difficult life and I felt for him. He is good at his job and has a great attitude, not like some of the guides we have met. He has so much talent and yet is in a catch 22 situation.

He is from a humble village and had to leave school at the age of 10 when his Father died, to work and keep his Mother and fellow siblings. He would love to study dear masha my first days at school were awful cannot afford it as his salary is very low 1.

Katie's bad luck schoolday The struggles of school!

It was very frustrating to hear. Furthermore he said he only sees his family once every few months because it costs rupees to get to his village and to get back. I felt ashamed to tell him that not only do we have a BMW but that we actually have 4 cars!

dear masha my first days at school were awful

I promised to send him a mobile phone when I got back and only hope it will get to him. We gave him a tip to more than cover a journey back to his village and when we parted at the airport he had tears in his eyes, bless him. I wish I could dear masha my first days at school were awful you more Santosh, you and many more people I have met in India.

Santosh At the tiny airport of Varanasi we were met by hundreds of porters offering to carry our luggage. I made my way to a small kiosk outside to try and buy some chewing gum. I asked how much a tiny pack of Happydent cost and I was told 50 rupees but I must dear masha my first days at school were awful been cheated blatantly as when I gave them a note of they had no change.

The same happened the day before in Varanasi when we bought a gaudy cheap calendar with the image of my favourite God, Ganesha. They charged 25 rupees and again had no change for The airport terminal was acceptable, not so the bureaucracy of the check in procedure, security and customs.

Everything seems to be done more than twice. To top it all at customs we were told we could not take notes of more than rupees 1. We ended up having to change They took up so much room! By the by we paid rupees in commission. You get the feeling that wherever you go in India they try and make money out of you. I must mention at this point, the subject of toilets as the experience at Varanasi airport is definitely worth mentioning.

At the toilets you usually get given some very thin paper from someone standing outside, you go in, do what you have to do and then pay that person. Sometimes you even pay twice, the person dear masha my first days at school were awful and another one inside. At Varanasi airport there were 3 barefooted ladies in a tiny dirty loo. She did so with the dirtiest looking cloth I have ever seen. And I was expected to pay her for this service!!

Varanasi is meant to be the cultural capital of India. I think they have to introduce the culture of cleanliness. There is an English expression my Father used to tell me when I was a child and it is: It could be of great use in India but most turn a blind eye.

I can understand poverty but I cannot understand the extreme lack of hygiene. The loo at Varanasi airport Throughout our trip we have tried to dear masha my first days at school were awful to the best toilets possible but that is not always easy.

Thus you go to the best you can find or the only one. Most of the latter are quite dirty but tolerable. Often they are the stand up type which I hate and at the airport in Nepal today I even came across the stand up type which are open and are in a row. An Irish girl I met said she had seen many. The open stand up loos, dear masha my first days at school were awful in a row - Kathmandu airport! Our flight on Air India was delightful, mainly because we were in Business Class.

We got a lovely Indian meal but best of all we got a glimpse of the Himalayan range of mountains including Mount Everest. So yes, we knew now that we had reached the roof of the earth and the top of the world, Nepal. Nepal is a remote landlocked country in between India and China. In fact its capital, Kathmandu is km from the Indian border and km from the Chinese border Tibet. It has a population of 29 million, the capital having 1. Nepal is one of the poorer underdeveloped countries and ranks only 96 in the world.

We noticed too that the light goes out frequently and there are great problems with running water. Nepal now has a Moaist government but not so long ago it was a monarchy. However in the whole family was assassinated by one of the family members. Since then monarchy has been abolished in Nepal.

Well I suppose there is no one left to carry on the succession!! A silly observation of mine is that the Nepalese flag is the only non square flag in the world. India is definitely a richer country than Nepal. However we were soon to notice that Nepal is slightly cleaner and that there is somewhat less misery here. The time difference is weird. It is 15 minutes ahead of India!

dear masha my first days at school were awful

We were met by Mr. Rajan Tuladhar from the travel agency and by Mr. Titendra Lama who was to be our driver of quite an old Toyota. We have ended up calling him Mr. Lama told us that the village he was from stands at over m2 and that it used to take 10 hours to walk to the nearest point of public transport.

Today it takes a 5 hour bus ride and 2 hours on foot. While we were in Kathmandu his wife and 2 of his children were going there. He also told us his wife cannot read or write and nor does she want to! He excuses her by saying she is a "village girl". I told him this was no excuse at all. As we got to know him a bit more we asked him another burning question we had which was about arranged marriages.

He admitted his was an arranged one and that today, at least in the cities, it was going out of fashion. I asked him whether he had been happy with his parents choosing his wife and he said "no".

I asked no further dear masha my first days at school were awful.

dear masha my first days at school were awful

We were given a very warm welcome with the offering of the Buddhist scarf, the "kata" which was put around our necks. The Dwarika hotel is something special in Nepal, a garden or oasis with a cluster of traditional Newari area of the Kathmandu valley ethnic buildings separated by brick courtyards.

Everything from the furniture to the atmosphere breathes peace, quiet, elegance and even romance. The rooms are decorated in the same style and absolutely everything has been made in Nepal.

A dear masha my first days at school were awful view of the Dwarika hotel Ours is lovely, big, spacious, light and we adore the Dear masha my first days at school were awful style of stone floor, carved wooden furniture, ethnic cushions and low tables. The bathroom is big and similarly decorated with a sunken bath and wonderful kimono type bathrobe I dear masha my first days at school were awful be buying to take home.

If anyone reading this is coming out to Nepal, then again I would urge them to come here. This place is absolutely authentic. Our lovely room at the Hotel Dwarika After settling in and as soon as we had freshened up, Mr. Lama drove us to the Tamel tourist district, a great place for shopping. First, however, we went with him to park the car near where he lived, just off the Tamel district. Here we met his wife and children who were playing in the street. They were very friendly and posed for pictures very spontaneously.

Lama, some of his children and their friends The Nepalese look part Indian and part Chinese and this is certainly so of Mr. We actually think he looks like Mr. Lama is a very positive happy sort of person and extremely willing to please.

I apologised for being late once and his answer was: He meant, of course, it was his duty or part of his job to wait. Lama took us shopping and not once did he take us anywhere he was going to get a commission and that was so refreshing.