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The story once again features Ezio Auditore da Firenzenow a legendary Master Assassinas he strives to rebuild the Assassin Brotherhood in Romeby bringing down the tyrannical Templar family, the Borgiaand assassins creed brotherhood the city into the true wealth and wonder of the Renaissance.

assassins creed brotherhood

Revelationsand was released in November of assassins creed brotherhood same year. Contents Gameplay Ezio, dual-wielding a sword and the Hidden Gun Brotherhood retains the gameplay from its predecessor, with many significant new additions. Combat with the knifesword assassins creed brotherhood mace is now dual-wielded, paired with throwing knives and the Hidden Gun respectively.

This allows Ezio to seamlessly utilize the ranged weapons in the middle of combat. In addition, a new kill-streak feature allows Ezio to continuously move from enemy to enemy and perform multiple takedowns and executions using melee weapons.

Utilizing dual-wielded weapons also allow Ezio to perform dual executions that work in conjunction to the kill-streak feature. Ezio can now carry heavy weapons after upgrading his sheathand is able to hurl them towards enemies to perform an instant kill, which can also be done with spears and halberds that Ezio picks up.

In addition, the poison darts have also been introduced as assassins creed brotherhood extension to the Poison Bladewhich can be gained through upgrades from Leonardo da Vinci himself, along with the second Hidden Blade and the Climb Leap Glove.

Ezio about to assassinate a guard on horseback Horse mechanics have also been upgraded. Ezio can assassins creed brotherhood take a horse through city districts rather than just the countryside, and can call for his horse at any given time while free-roaming. Combat on horseback now allows Ezio to utilize some of his ranged weapons, namely the Hidden Gun and the crossbow. Ezio can now also perform assassinations while on horseback, as well as assassinate enemies that are mounted on a horse in addition to being able to assassins creed brotherhood them while on foot.

Replacing the fast travel booths are the tunnelswhich Ezio assassins creed brotherhood access to go to fixed points in Rome. The renovation system, limited only to Monteriggioni before, has assassins creed brotherhood been updated to encompass all of Rome.

Stores and stalls such as doctorsblacksmithsart merchantstailorsand banks assassins creed brotherhood, have to be renovated by Ezio in order to fully restore Rome.

Other buildings include horse stables and buildings for mercenariesthievesand courtesans to occupy, as well as various landmarks, such as the Pantheon and the Colosseum.

Assassins creed brotherhood, recruiting a civilian as an apprentice Some time later, Ezio is able to recruit apprentices into his cause. Several civilians being harassed by the Borgia can be rescued by Ezio, and will pledge assassins creed brotherhood allegiance to him once saved.

While in Rome, Ezio can command several apprentices to incapacitate guards on his command, and can call forth an arrow storm once he has recruited enough apprentices. Ezio can also send apprentices to other countries in Europe and Asia to take on contractswherein they can gain additional experience, as well as money and trade objects for Ezio. Apprentices gain experience while under Ezio, gaining better equipment as they go along, until they can be fully initiated into the Orderwherein they gain superior equipment and armor and becoming fully fledged Assassins.

Numerous side-activities are available all throughout Rome. Replacing the Assassin Tombs are the Lairs of Romuluswhere assassins creed brotherhood Followers of Romulus keep the keys necessary to unlock the armor and dagger of Marcus Junius Brutusas well as his documents.

Ezio had also been given special missions by Leonardo da Vinci, where he must destroy his War Machinesweapons of warfare located in undisclosed states, before the Borgia could utilize them. In addition to Assassination contractsEzio now has special assignments for both the Thieves and the Courtesans. Feathers return as collectibles, as well as Borgia flags. In the modern day, Desmond is given more leeway in his activities, as he can exit the Animus assassins creed brotherhood any time outside of missions.

assassins creed brotherhood

Desmond can exit the Sanctuary in order to explore present day Monteriggioni for assassins creed brotherhood set amount of time. While there are no civilians present and there are little to no objects for Desmond to interact with, Desmond can collect a total of five artifacts around Monteriggioni, all of which belonged to Ezio and his company while there. Once the timer has run out, Desmond will simply return to the assassins creed brotherhood, and can leave again soon afterwards.

assassins creed brotherhood

Multiplayer The Courtesan, one of the Animi Avatars, executing the Priest Introduced for the first time in the series is a multiplayer mode. There, they can compete with each other to progress through the ranks of Abstergo, as well as develop their own skills through the bleeding effect. Subjects play on digitally recreated maps of several known areas, wherein they can participate in several modes to either compete or cooperate with each other.

Assassins creed brotherhood order to progress in rank and experience, subjects had to score points in sessions, with the manner in which they did so depending on the game mode.

Preset perks and streak bonuses give the subject a passive advantage in each session. Synopsis Plot Using the Animus 2. However, instead of entering the memory set inhe was forced into a different one, occurring during a battle in Viana.

From there, as Ezio looked upon the besieged Viana Assassins creed brotherhoodhe recalled the similar events of the Siege of Monteriggionisubsequently forcing Desmond back further, into a memory from Siege of Monteriggioni Main article: Noticing too that the Staff had been left behind, he attempted to extract it from where it had been impaled into the floor; however, assassins creed brotherhood descended and was sealed away.

Mario Auditore then called down to him from the entrance, and he and Ezio fought their way out of the Vatican. Ezio, unable to decide whether or not to cast the Apple into the Tiber Rivergave it to Mario for safe keeping.

The two then rode back to Monteriggioni on horseback. However, Ezio soon learned that the Templar threat had assassins creed brotherhood little, when Cesare Borgiason of Rodrigo Borgia, laid siege to Monteriggioni.

The attack ended with Monteriggioni in ruins, Ezio wounded badly by arquebusiersand Mario killed by Cesare himself. However, as the door was locked, Desmond and Lucy left to discover another way in. After making their way through the secret passage that Ezio and the citizens had used to flee the Borgia attack, they opened the way for Shaun and Rebecca.

Inside the Sanctuary, Desmond saw an aged Ezio due to the bleeding effectand deduced that he must have returned to the villa many years after the attack, though for an unknown purpose. He also found a symbol that Ezio had drawn on the wall and, using Eagle Visionsaw a series of numbers hidden underneath. The four of them then assassins creed brotherhood up the Animus 2. War assassins creed brotherhood Rome Main article: Liberation of Rome Ezio recovering in Rome Ezio regained consciousness in a small house in Rome, where the woman who had been tending to him told him that a man had brought him there, and had supplied him with new armor and clothing.

Through Machiavelli, he discovered that Rome was in disrepair, and that the citizens were being oppressed by the Borgia. Basing himself on Tiber Island in the center of the city, Ezio began his mission to rid the city of the influence of Cesare and his generals. Ezio then began to rebuild the Brotherhood by recruiting Apprentices, who were made up of both distressed citizens who assassins creed brotherhood to liberate their city, and young novice Assassins, such as Francesco Assassins creed brotherhood.

After the recruits had completed their training, he placed them in teams and sent them on missions across Europe. Assassins creed brotherhood then began to break down the Borgia influence in Rome by destroying several Borgia towers and their captains. After Ezio had rescued him, both from being stabbed with a spear during his play, and from the ailments of poison, Pietro handed the Assassin the key to the Castello.

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Cesare forced the location of the Apple of Eden from Lucrezia, and hurried to retrieve it from Basilica di San Pietro. In one last battle, Ezio and his fellow Assassins fought Cesare and his surviving men at the gates of Rome.

Cesare was arrested by Fabio Orsini by the order of the new Popethough not before commenting that he would not be in chains for long and that he would never be killed by assassins creed brotherhood man. Ezio was hesitant, but decided to take his advice, and discovered that Cesare would indeed free himself from prison.

Ezio fought through the infantry, and finally managed to corner Cesare on the castle wall. Though Cesare insisted that he would not die in the hands of man, Ezio then left him to the "hands of fate," and threw him from the battlements to his death. Recovering the Apple Desmond emerged from the Animus assassins creed brotherhood after reliving this memory, listening to his teammates deducing a way to get into the Vault.

Assassins creed brotherhood as Rebecca mentioned that they needed a spoken password to enter it, a blackout occurred, cutting them off from using the Animus to find out. However, Desmond realized that the symbol he had seen on the door of the Vault was the same one he had seen drawn on the villa wall. Shaun discovered that the sequence of numbers hidden behind the symbol referred to the seventy-two names of God, setting the password to be The Assassins then drove to the Colosseo in Rome, and Desmond separated from the others to find a way into the Vault.

As he traveled the underground passageway, he encountered another of Those Who Came BeforeJunowho spoke at length of the downfall of humankind. Arriving inside the Santa Maria Aracoeli, Desmond unlocked the door for his teammates and, shortly afterwards, witnessed a memory of Ezio free-running through the church.

He followed him and activated a system of bars and assassins creed brotherhood, finally causing a small pedestal to emerge from the floor. Placing his hand on it, Desmond activated the floor, lowering the four of them down to the door of the Vault. Desmond spoke the password, and the door opened to reveal a large empty chamber, with a tall platform raised in the middle, upon which the Apple awaited.

The Assassins inside the Vault Once the Assassins had assassins creed brotherhood to the platform, Desmond touched the Apple, and a series of holographic symbols appeared. Shaun mentioned that two of the most distinct assassins creed brotherhood, the Phrygian Cap and the Masonic Eye, only came together in one place; however, when Desmond picked up the Apple, time seemed to stop and he found himself controlled by Assassins creed brotherhood.

Though he struggled, she forced him to draw his Hidden Blade and stab Lucy in the abdomen. The assassins creed brotherhood then fell to the ground unconscious, with blood pooling around Lucy. Later, William Miles and Harlan T. Cunningham could be heard speaking, saying that Desmond assassins creed brotherhood gone into shock. Desmond had entered a coma, though William claimed that Desmond would live through it.